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Burned Rice

I was going to make rice and stirfry a bit of chicken I have in the fridge, but I was over here and didn't notice the smell soon enough. I'd turned the wheel to the mid-high instead of the mid-low. These pans get cleaned with Softsoap and a stainless steel scrubber. My scrubbing time decreased through the day and my rest times increased.

I'm going to have to be careful with that chicken later -- Consumer Reports has found a lot of salmonella and/or campylobacter in a lot of chicken.

Our snow started at 5:30pm and is now forecast to be 6-12", which is still too much. Many governments are closed, including the federal government, which costs us more than a million dollars a day to be closed. Three days so far.

NOAA may be in charge of a climate service that's similar to the National Weather Service.

There's more info on why kids get autism -- it has to do with the age of the parents, particularly mothers over 40.

Spirit's new triangular litterbox came today and I'll install it when I finish this. The litterbox came in a large box with that brown scrunchy paper and Junie loved trying to kill the paper. Now she's curled up under it, asleep.
Tags: cats, costs, food, health, snow, weather

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