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ETA Wow, a giant frontloader just came through!

When you have 30" of snow, it tends to be pretty quiet. Some folks have cleared their cars and needed pushes to get out of the development and some have just cleared their cars. Most of us haven't cleared our cars. I hope the plow and shovelers come soon because we're scheduled to have up to 5" (up from 3" earlier) on Tuesday. I have an appointment with the nephrologist's NP on Wednesday and I'm pretty sure I'll have to change that, so I'll probably be inside until Friday. Not so much a big deal, but Saturday and Sunday WashPosts came today without the TV Week, which I like to mark what I want to watch. I emailed the distributor and asked if he could put it in tomorrow's paper.

We just had one of the big deal ambulances come through and it's likely to be for two people, but I can't tell which.

I'm going to take a nap soon, but I've got the bed linens in process of washing and drying.
Tags: ambulance, laundry, snow

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