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Code Red Snow Emergency

I got a recorded warning from the city telling me that, and where I shouldn't park. Since we're private property, they're not going to plow here, anyway. We're up to about four inches so far, but the snow is supposed to start falling about 2" an hour now. The blizzard warning that was originally for three counties far east of DC has been extended to DC. We're just a bit further west than that. The National Weather Service is now saying up to 30".

I only got four hours of sleep last night so, as usual, slept with Spirit in the recliner while Lucila was here to clean and then finished up the four hours after she left. She rearranged the stuff under my kitchen sink! I had to pull a chair in, get my reacher, and put stuff back in the right place. She put the dishwasher jug, the thing I use at least 10 times as often as the others, behind everything. I'm going to have to talk to her next time.

There was a study for the Army of Women that I qualified for, but I read it five hours after it was sent and it was already full when I looked.

Colin Powell has changed his mind, he's in favor of dumping Don't Ask, Don't Tell. The WashPost's editorial cartoonist, Tom Toles, has an interesting cartoon on the same subject.

Dexter Manley used to be a Redskin and he's well-known in this area because of his problems with cocaine. A good story about how a friend bought his Superbowl ring back from a pawn shop and kept it until Dexter came clean was in today's WashPost.

Neuroscientists have found five (out of 54) patients in "vegetative state" show active brains in a functional MRI. The story is amazing, but there's too little proof to count on it.
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