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Admiral Mullen Sticks His Stripes Out

When the senators said they didn't want to stop "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," and treated ADM Mullen like an idiot, he put his stripes up on the table to show his experience. Good for him!

Two men had a fender-bender and were standing on the side of the road exchanging information when a drunk driver hit the back car and killed them. She'd been arrested for DUI before, and her primary worry now is not having to leave her five-year-old son. I think it would probably be good for the son to be in a better place.

Snow is now forecast to start about noon tomorrow, leave 12-24", and keep people housebound for three days. One of my neighbors came over to see if I wanted him to move the van to make it easier to clear, but the guys are doing a good job with it where it is.

Spirit once again woke me up so I could put the litterbox on the shelf of the end table, and when she was done, she insisted I more quickly give her back the towel. I had a difficult painful day yesterday and didn't set my alarm, but Junie wanted her (pill)pocket and kept waking me up. So technically, I slept nine hours, but it was probably closer to eight.
Tags: car death, cats, dadt, snow, weather

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