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The Psych

He said I was right that the words and memory and such are coming from the increased depression and I'm going to add another wellbutrin four or five hours after the first two. If that doesn't work, we'll try Ritalin.

We got 3.5" of snow and the plow/shovel guys did a good job, coming by at 2am and 4am. Spirit was up on the castle by herself, and almost asked for the litterbox to be on the shelf of the end table so she could use it.

I went out early and got the snow off the windshield and back -- a lot of it had already slumped off -- and the snow is melting quite well. It's supposed to be in the 40s tomorrow and I hope that will melt more because we're now expecting 16" on Friday & Saturday.

I called the mail pharmacy because I couldn't figure out why I didn't have two refills here now. I'm sort of skimping on doses. It turns out that if you put in refills for more than one med at the same time, they don't mail until they have all of them. I can see that would save money, but I'll have to be careful about putting them in separately from now on. The problem with this one was that I put the Vitamin D refill in and it was out of refills. The doctor's assistant called and asked me to get the blood test so she can be sure I still need it. The pharmacy doesn't know this, so they were holding the other meds, too.

I took the recycling out, got dry kitty food (you know how people stock up at the grocery before snow? I've only got about a week's worth of dry food), got the Vitamin D lab, and then saw the psych.

I went on to Uno's, where I had a coupon, and had the Walnut Gorgonzola Side Salad and a Spicy Chicken Flatbread Pizza. I brought half the pizza home for tomorrow.

When I got home, I put the pizza in the fridge and collapsed in the recliner. Junie tried to eat through the new food bag and I threw a med (in its mailing bag) at her and she left it alone until I got up and put it away.

My renew-handicapped-hangtag form came today and I did that online. I've got enough time to get it before the beginning of March.
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