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More Snow Than We Need

We got five inches here, and the city's schools are closed tomorrow. My curbcut & zebra stripe hadn't been cleared by the shovelers, so I flagged down one of the trucks and they got most of it done. It's warmer and sunny tomorrow, so what's left might melt before I get up. Then they forecast snow for Tuesday and next weekend.

Last night Spirit kept looking at the castle and I gave her a boost to the window. She climbed up to the crenellations and clawed at the carpet on the platform post. Later on, she wanted up again and when she came back, she sat on top of the back of the recliner until I went to bed at least. But during the night, she pooped on the towel. I was hoping it was all getting better.

On Friday, Macmillin (owns Tor, an SFF publisher) offered Amazon a new pricing system for their e-books. Instead of discussing it or saying no, Amazon delisted all the Macmillin books. You could still get them from other sellers on that site, but not from Amazon. And it wasn't just Macmillian's e-books, it was all of their books. Well, this evening, Amazon blinked. The books aren't listed yet, but people are watching.
Tags: cats, publishing, weather

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