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Pellet Snow

It doesn't look fluffy at all, it looks like pellets. One neighbor was shoveling and when he pushed the snow off the top of sidewalk railings, it floated out in the wind. We're up to about three inches now and are supposed to continue to get snow until the evening.

I put in a refill for Junie's buspar; I can pick it up at the grocery on Monday. Last night, Spirit was sitting on my left thigh while I read the paper and Junie stepped over from the castle onto the left arm of the recliner. They looked at each other, blinking occasionally, for about five minutes. Then Junie moved her head slightly toward Spirit who got down onto the bottom of the end table. What Spirit didn't see was Junie's paw, no claws, reaching out toward her. Later in the evening, when I was getting up to move laundry around and had to move Spirit off my lap, she went out into the living room a bit to sniff at Mr. Gator. She's definitely more comfortable in general, although she's still worried about Junie.

Last night was the second night in a row that I slept all night except for bathroom visits (if doctors want me to drink all day, they have to accept that I get up at night). I hope that continues.
Tags: cats, sleep, snow

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