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At Home

It's a good thing I didn't have to go out today (Luke and his daughter got my mail when they got his) because I hurt a lot. I didn't set the alarm last night and woke up after 11 hours.

We're scheduled to have 2-4" of snow tomorrow, but "fluffy" snow so it won't take long to go away.

And in really good news, the jury took only 40 minutes to convict Scott Roeder of killing abortion doctor George Tiller. He'll probably get life in prison.

And bad news, locally -- a while back a police officer arrested two men on burglary charges. Earlier this week, the officer's condo caught on fire. Now one of the two men has been identified as the arsonist. He's likely to get even more time.

A trucker and his chihuahua were sleeping in the truck at a reststop in Maryland when the truck caught on fire and the dog barked to wake his owner. They're both rather hurt, the trucker will be okay, but the chihuahua is on the edge.

A meteorite came down into a doctors' office and they took it to the Smithsonian to look at it. They planned to give it to the Smithsonian and the Smithsonian planned to give them a $5K gift that the doctors planned to give to Haiti. Now the landlords are saying it's theirs and they can get money from meteorite hunters even if the Smithsonian doesn't give them money. The landlords are probably right, since there's law on this already.
Tags: arson, fire, meteorite, pain, snow, trial

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