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Pretty Good Day

After I signed off last night, I was very sleepy and Spirit and I slept in the recliner while the VCRs watched the State of the Union and Psych. When I got up and came out to the living room, Spirit was sitting on top of the back of the recliner, which she hasn't done in months! She's used the litterbox for five days, too. I hope this is going to continue.

I got my labs done today and when the mailman came, he brought my check. I went to deposit it and came home to pay bills and reorder some meds.

I mentioned some time ago how several groups of protestors were getting big payments from DC because they had been assaulted by police. There were protests on immigration issues Tuesday, and the police just stood around and talked, and diverted traffic from those streets. The protestors were upset that they weren't arrested. That's a lot better for DC, though!

I mentioned recently the DC bag tax, and here's a letter to the editor from a somewhat sarcastic bag user (first letter).

I also mentioned the March for Life protest and here's a great letter from someone telling them to be nicer and be better to people (first letter).
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