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It was 72 on Saturday and today it was 41. I started taking stuff out for errands today (trash and the recycling our community does, two packages for the post office, two collapsed boxes and mixed paper for recycling at Public Works -- plus a haircut) and I couldn't breathe. I had to get the neoprene mask out of the closet where it's been for a couple of years. I'm okay when the temps gradually get colder, but when they change rapidly, my lungs take a while to adapt.

I got the invoice for my condo fees over the weekend and I'd already paid the January with the amount for last year. I hadn't had any notice that the fees had changed. They've gone up $6.20, which I'm not arguing about, but there's also something listed as WO $35 on my invoice and I've sent two emails and haven't heard back what the WO is. I'm not paying it until I know what it is. (In the first email, I also corrected something else on the invoice and they may be mad at me for that. It says our roads are county roads and we must follow county codes. Well, first of all, we live in a city, and second, we own our own roads. We usually pave/seal and stripe a half-block city road because it comes into our development and we have parking on one side of it, but the parking belongs to us so there's not much the city has to do with it. We've offered to buy it from the city, but they want to keep it. I almost always have to correct something in every bulletin that comes to us and they don't like it. We pay them to be management, they should be capable of reading our documents.)

I got a book from SFBC today and I usually put the junk paper that comes with it directly into the mixed paper receptacle, but this time there was a packet with a foilized envelope and I had to take the paper out and put the envelope in the trash. The top paper was about interpreting flying dreams and the more flying dreams you have, the more creative you are. I guess I'm not creative.
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