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The Podiatrist

On the way to the podiatrist, there were two very crazy drivers. The first was when I was in Old Town and tapped the brakes to let a guy run across the two lanes. The car behind me honked his horn and pulled out into the other lane and just barely missed hitting the guy. Then near I-66, somebody was pulling back and forth and between cars dangerously. When he started, he was right in front of me. When I got off I-66, he was still just in front of me.

The podiatrist says the pain and swelling in my feet is tendonitis and I have to keep my feet up more. I told him I already don't walk or sit up very much and he said I could tell the feet that, but they wouldn't change. So, more recliner time.

The traffic was safer coming home.

I cleared the last of the Cat Attract from Spirit's litterbox and put in the Swheat Scoop with the Cat Attract Litter Additive, and Loki used it immediately. I'll have to see what Spirit thinks about it.
Tags: cars, cats, pain

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