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Fewer Sports

Several of the local counties have to cut their school budgets and are thinking of taking freshman sports away. I think that's probably a good thing, much better than closing a library. But parents on TV keep saying that sports keep the kids from drugs and alcohol. I think that's the parents' job.

I'm still in a lot of pain and after not sleeping for two hours in the bed, I came out and slept with Spirit in the recliner for five hours. I woke up with my right hand and foot numb, and spent the last hour in the bed. When I drove, my hand hurt from moving the signal lever, but it's the podiatrist I see tomorrow.

I took two DVDs to the post office and got a very small batch of groceries at a good price due to sales and coupons.

I'm washing cat blankies and preparing the printout with the labs for tomorrow (after the podiatrist).
Tags: budget, cats, errands, housework, pain

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