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Spirit's Rationale

I don't know what it is because she used the towels the last two days and just now used the litterbox. I had just scooped it, but it's always scooped for most of the day.

We're having a chilly wet day, which is pretty normal for this time of year, although we have flood warnings. Tomorrow there should be sun, which I'll enjoy when I go out.

I've used reusable bags at the grocery for decades, even back when I had to crochet my own. For the last five or 10 years, my grocery has given me five cents off the bill for each reusable bag I bring. Recently, DC has set up a law that requires people who buy all kinds of food (grocery, restaurant, liquor store, etc.) and don't have reusable bags to be charged five cents each for non-reusable bags.

This would make sense to me even if it wasn't primarily a way to get money to clean up the Anacostia River, which has big rafts primarily made from non-reusable bags. (The companies that sell the non-reusable bags to people get a small amount of the tax.) But people in DC have become quite irrational about the bag tax. Some are driving into Maryland or Virginia and paying food tax (none in DC) plus gas so they're actually spending a lot more money. Some are trying to carry batches of food out of the grocery. Some are carrying leftover food from restaurants in their hands. Some were taking used bags out of the box outside the grocery so the manager put the box inside (the non-reusable bags can be recycled). Virginia and Maryland are both considering doing the bag tax in order to help with the Potomac. I wonder how irrational we'll be.

I'm washing sheets, as usual.
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