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License Plates

Yesterday I saw a Virginia license plate that was VGNA LVR and our motto is "Virginia is For Lovers," but that wasn't what I thought when I first saw the plate.

In Virginia and Maryland, NARAL and similar groups are investigating so-called "Crisis Pregnancy Clnics." Many of them lie about what happens when you use a condom or have an abortion. Maryland has required them to change their names to something that doesn't sound so medical and helpful. Virginia has a "Choose Life" license plate and some of the money goes to an organization that gives it to these kinds of centers. NARAL has been checking up on the centers, and a lot of them don't exist or are still lying with old brochures or testifying: " counselors told women that the risk of suicide and cancer increases after abortion. In one video shown to a volunteer, a woman told of her abortion and how she eventually became a "crack whore in prison." When asked if that could happen, a counselor at the unnamed facility said, "It's a possibility,""

I'd like fewer abortions, but I'd like that to happen via stopping conception. Once you have the embryo, the woman should get to choose.

My PeaPod order is due to be delivered soon, which is good because the sleet is supposed to start soon. It's not forecast to be a big deal except for commuting in the morning and school in the outer counties.

Miss Girl is still using the secluded litterbox. She keeps this up and I'll buy her a little bed to replace the towel.
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