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Marilee J. Layman

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06:19 pm: Alastair Reynolds' Work
This is an online version of what I gave the bookgroup on Saturday:

Alastair Reynolds’ Books

Revelation Space Books in Internal Chronological Order:

The Prefect

< “Diamond Dogs” (novella from Turquoise Days, Diamond Dogs fits/overlaps between these two)

Chasm City

Revelation Space

Redemption Ark

^ “Turquoise Days” (novella from Turquoise Days, Diamond Dogs can be anywhere earlier than Absolution Gap)

Absolution Gap

^ Galatic North (covers all Universe)

Note: Revelation Space, Redemption Ark, and Absolution Gap should be read in that order; Al says the others can be read in any order.

Non-Revelation Space Books:

Pushing Ice

House of Suns

Century Rain



Date:December 29th, 2010 06:47 pm (UTC)
The novels, in chronological order are:

The Prefect - 2447*
Diamond Dogs/Turquoise Days - 2460-2515
Chasm City - 2480-2517, with flashbacks to around 2300
Revelation Space - three separate plotlines starting 2524, 2540 and 2551; all come together in 2566
Redemption Ark - 2605-2653
Absolution Gap - 2615-2727, with a glimpse of 3100 or so

I think Chasm City should be read first. Other books make a lot of references that make little or no sense if you had not read Chasm City. BTW, one of the main characters of Revelation Space is introduced on the last page of Chasm City, although her name is not given and you do not find out for certain it is her until early in Redemption Ark.

"Galactic North" is collection of stories set in the same universe:

Great Wall of Mars - about 2205
Glacial - about 2220
A Spy in Europa - about 2300
Weather - about 2400
Dilation Sleep - could be anywhere from 2300-2500
Grafenwalder's Bestiary - about 2520
Nightingale - somewhere between 2500-2550
Galactic North - begins about 2300, spans next 40,000 years

Great Wall of Mars, Glacial, and Galactic North provide minor background points for Redemption Ark; Chasm City provides major background for Grafenwalder's Bestiary and Nightingale.

*In The Prefect one of the characters mentions it is 2447, but to match with events in chronologically later (but written earlier) books it should be 2437
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