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Two Hours of Light

That's what happens when you get up at 3pm. I was out here reading LJ and ML and then the WashPost until 6am and then I read in bed until a bit before 8am, so I didn't set the alarm. I think I might have slept later and better if Junie hadn't kept waking me up because she wanted her pill pockets.

This morning while I was taking meds, I heard Spirit make the "eliminate" noise and then back to wanting breakfast now and when I got out here, she'd pooped on the towel. So putting the litterbox in a secluded place didn't help today. I'll leave it there a couple days, just in case. She's still afraid of Junie, and I'm not sure I could get a jingle-collar on Junie.

I put in the two-month order to Peapod today; it'll get delivered on Thursday. My grocery list for tomorrow is very short -- two items -- but one is canned cat food on sale, and that's hard to deal with.
Tags: cats, food

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