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Van and Dream

Well, I had a rough night and cancelled the neurologist's appt after all. She cancelled the first, I cancelled the second, so I hope we're both at the third on the 30th.

I tried to take the valve cap off again with pliers and had no luck, so I drove up to the shop and the manager was able to take it off with his fingers. He pulled the van around to put air in and then came to tell me I had nails in the tire and they were going to fix it. Three roofing nails, and our roof was reroofed about a month ago. So I was able to run a lot of errands which means I can stay home tomorrow.

My dream last night had me owning a nice house -- where the walls didn't have windows or doors, they had built-in bookscases -- up on a hill. To one side was a small city; to the other side was a little village. I owned three stores in the village and had rented them out. I decided to go see how the businesses were doing. It turned out that all three were not the business they'd put in the contract and they were all weird. One sold mushroom juice as a heal-all, one made baby jigsaw puzzles but all the pieces were square and about 1/4" by 1/4", and the last one had painted the outside in bright pink and white squares and offered spiritual treatments through song. I went home and called the lawyer.
Tags: dreams, health

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