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Sleeping with Spirit

I had this page up and planned to write and post before taking a nap, but I went to scoop litterboxes and then swap my shoes for slippers, and when I got back, I was yawning my head off and just settled into the recliner with Miss Girl. She's so eager to sleep that way now that she starts getting into my lap before I have a lap. I have to let her move back and forth between the arms and then wait until I get the recliner out and the duvet on. We slept four hours, which is more than I expected, but I guess I needed it, at least.

Friday night, Spirit had been making her "I want to eliminate" noise and I'd been responding with "litterbox!" for about 30 minutes and then she moved down to the litterbox, started pooping, and Junie dashed at her. I didn't know Junie was hiding at the end of the hall, and Spirit certainly didn't. So I'm going to move the small litterbox with the Cat Attract back into the sheltered place and see if Spirit can use it without being setupon by Junie.

I checked email before I left for bookgroup so I didn't have time to get gas first and I'll need to do that early next week. We went to Tony's after bookgroup because lizzibabe needed to get to the stage too early to eat at a traditional restaurant. We like Tony's anyway, but it was really busy and we held the only open table (with only four chairs -- other tables had taken the other two) and waited for one of the two big tables, but the little one next to us finished first and we moved the two circles together and found eleven chairs so everybody had one. I had a slice of mushroom tomato foccacio and Greek salad, which I really liked, and since I had the rehydration fluid at bookgroup, I don't have to have anything else tonight.
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