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Not My Regular Monday

Most Mondays I do some errands and get groceries. I have the grocery list and coupons, but I realized when I woke up that my feet probably hurt too much to get groceries. By the time I was in the recliner skimming the fronts of the sections of the paper, I thought I could do it, and then I stood up. So I got money from the ATM, ate a Double-R combo at Roy's (I'm pretty sure I'm not cooking today), and dropped the Neverwhere discs at the post office. I hope to get groceries tomorrow.

I'm working on the cat blankies, I can sit down between moving them around, and when I'm done here, I'm heading back to the recliner.

A couple of interesting articles in yesterday's WashPost -- the first compares elderly health care in the US, UK, and France; the second reviews a book that has two guys eating/using products with possibly-bad chemicals in them and then checking their blood levels. It's pretty scary.
Tags: cats, chemicals, elder care, errands, pain

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