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Litterbox Finale

Nobody had used the litterbox in the living room with the regular litter, so after I scooped today, I put the litter from there into the utility room litterbox, and put the Cat Attract litter into the litterbox in the living room (to see if the shortness would be better). Spirit used it immediately. So I'll have to call the vet and ask about the liquid because it would be very difficult for me to get clay litter into and out of the house.

lizzibabe's Little Theatre is reported on by the WashPost today. Unfortunately, the picture that shows the left side of her head isn't in the online version. (I'll bring the paper copy on Saturday.)

At the end of last year, the WashPost's Technology Columnist gave information on what to do with old small electronics. I have a fairly old T-Mobile Sidekick 3 and I tried it on both Gazelle and YouRenew and Gazelle offered me $33, YouRenew offered me $30. Thirty-three dollars was pretty good compared to what they're going for on eBay, so I said I'd send it to them. Gazelle emailed me a prepaid label and packing list. I packed it up and took it to Fedex on 1/2 and emailed them that I'd sent it. They let me know when they got it -- about halfway through this week -- and yesterday told me that their inspectors said my description was accurate and they'll put the $33 in my PayPal account (my choice). Pretty good deal.

I am, as usual, dealing with bed laundry.
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