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The Marines in Haditha and Dream

When I watched the TV series "Deadwood," there was an actor who stood out. W. Earl Brown played a man who tortured and killed people, as well as lots of other bad things. Friday night, on "Numb3rs," he played a fundamentalist polygamist "prophet" who raped and killed people, as well as other bad things. Typecasting?

Yesterday's WashPost, through the results of a Freedom of Information Act filing, had a clear description (with pictures and illos) of the 24 deaths in Haditha. The Marines kept saying "it's war, we assume everybody is hostile" but it's not war and not everybody is hostile. Four of them are up for murder.

Today's WashPost has a follow-up article on the pictures the Marines took. They traded the pictures and set some to music -- pictures the WashPost felt were too grisly to print.

I'm still dreaming regularly, but I've been waking up in pain for a long while and I don't get to think about the dreams and stabilize them in my memory. Last night, I dreamed that I was in college and two girls I didn't know well asked me to take week's vacation with them in an RV. I accepted and the first night, we stayed at the large stone mansion of one girl's family. They were surprised I knew how to use table utensils properly, but the older brother (her parents weren't home) talked with me about science and math. I got a tiny bedroom in the attic for the night, and early in the morning, the brother (Hector) knocked on the door and woke me up. He'd heard his sister and her friend talking and they were taking me to deal with the input & output from the RV, to drive, to clean, etc. I told him I wasn't aware of that and didn't want to go. He said I should just let them go and spend the week at the house -- we'd have plenty of things to do. So I did and we spent the week talking, playing games, hiking, canoeing, etc., and then he offered to drive me home so I wouldn't have to spend the last day of vacation with the girls. I agreed and that was the end of the dream. There was nothing romantic, just an interesting person to spend time with -- he said "intelligence is more important than inheritance."
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