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The picture last night had the flurries/1-3" line directly through Manassas and when I looked before bed, there was about 1.2". The TV today says it was 1.5", but that was originally. Anything in the sun had melted by this afternoon and anything not in the sun was still there. Of course, the melted snow is now ice. Just a few minutes ago the weatherguy showed pictures of cars and trucks sliding on ice. Stupid people.

The workers had done part of the curbcut and the zebra stripe, so I took a broom out and made a slightly wider curbcut. It will ice some tonight, but there was a very tiny bit of snow left. I took a DVD to the post office, picked up dinner at Popeye's, and came home.

It occurred to me last night that maybe Spirit was using the new box because of it's position. It has three sides closed off and the fourth sort of closed. The original box I had out here was open on three sides. So after I scooped, I swapped positions. We'll see how that works for Spirit.
Tags: cats, errands, weather

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