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Quicken Loans Arena

Very strange name, but the team must need the money. Ghu knows we have business-named arenas in the DC area. That arena is where Gilbert Arenas didn't even go today, and won't play tomorrow. I've skimmed the front page of the WashPost Sports section for decades, but I'm reading about Arenas because it's hard to imagine he's this stupid. Not only does he bring guns into DC where they're illegal and into the Wizard's complex where they're not allowed, he keeps being silly about it. His case is at the grand jury now, and he's been indefinitely suspended from basketball. Today, people who were there are saying the other guy, Crittenton, also brought in a gun, but his was loaded. I expect he'll be in trouble, too.

We're being scheduled for two inches of snow overnight, so it's a good thing I wasn't planning to go out.

As of this morning, there was elimination in the Cat Attack box (position implies Junie and Spirit) and the regular litterbox (definitely Loki). But just a half-hour or so ago, Junie jumped at Spirit under the end table and yelled at her. I don't know how to keep Junie from harassing and attacking Spirit.

I haven't done much today because I didn't get up until 3pm. Spirit kept insisting on being petted while I was reading the paper, so I got to bed really late.
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