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Poor Spirit

Last night Spirit was sitting on my left thigh in the recliner and Junie came up on the right arm of the recliner and moved toward Spirit. I was talking to them, trying to calm both down, and Spirit hissed, then left the chair on the far side from the end tables and went behind the recliner. Junie dashed after her and tried to get under the end table and I was trying to grab her.

So later, when Spirit started making the "I need to poop" noises, I pulled her towel out to see if that would encourage her to use the litterbox and instead she pooped on the triangular end table, right where I put her dry food. I got it up and cleaned that part many times and told her she was a bad kitty and she went to the wall side of that end table and had her back to me.

I put the towel back in and told her it was okay and she came back to sit there, but only spent a few minutes with me. The new litterbox came today and I'll set that up tonight and see if things go better.

Brit Hume thinks Tiger Woods should convert to Christianity.

I didn't know that companies can keep chemicals in products secret from us. Here's an article on how and why, and how it can damage people.

I planned to be home today and had a list of nine things to do. I'm down to three, one of which is time-consuming, so maybe I'll do it while I watch TV tonight, if I don't annoy Spirit.
Tags: cats, housework, politics, religion

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