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Old Plane In Antarctica!

An expedition found some rusted metal tubes near where the plane was abandoned about a century ago!

NASA has found five new exoplanets!

Apparently more people like Glenn Beck than like the pope. I wonder what Beck wants as his religious title.

While I was out today, I followed a minivan with a bumper sticker that said something like "The Heart Beats in 24 Days" but had a toddler bouncing around on the middle seat. Apparently they're not as important once they're born.

Today I dropped a letter at the post office, stopped by PetSmart for more pill pockets, and got groceries. It's still cold and windy. I had trouble getting bills out of my wallet and the clerk at the PetSmart had trouble separating the bills I gave her, too.

I made the podiatry appointment and am washing cat blankies.
Tags: errands, housework, news

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