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Exuding Garlic

Spirit kept coming up and sitting on me last night -- I had to get up a couple times over seven hours to use the bathroom -- and did again when I got home today. She seems to be better about coming into my lap, and she has put her head out from under the end table, so maybe it's working.

I went to get labs today and had a bag of things I'd planned to take to the charity afterwards, but I forgot to get it out of the workroom. I'll have to take it another time. I can't leave handled bags out because the kitties might get their heads in the handles and get them caught and strangle themselves.

I had my main meal at Tony's -- greek salad, garlic bread (you can hear and smell them chopping the garlic), and iced tea -- and I'm pretty sure I'm exuding garlic. I woke up with really painful wrists and had to ask one of the guys to carry the tray for me, which I hate doing, but I wouldn't get it to the table otherwise. I'm making a list to take to the rheumatologist on Thursday when she gets to poke me, listen to me yell, and then take notes. Doesn't seem fair.
Tags: cats, food, health

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