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It's 72F today, a new record. I saw batches of motorcycles outside today and lots of people in Old Town. I've got the windows open. While I was out I tried to put air in a tire that's a bit low, but I couldn't move the valve cap. Unless someone fooled with it while I wasn't looking, I'm the last one to turn it, and I couldn't turn it that tight. I tried with pliers when I got home and no luck. I have a doctor's appt about 50 miles away on Monday afternoon, so I guess I'm going to have to try to get up early enough to have the shop take care of it before I go.

I got a giant health bulletin from Kaiser today and everything was either not applicable (how to quit smoking) or stuff I already knew. Then they sent a survey with it and since my handwriting is illegible, I typed up my comments on how this kind of thing was useless to someone like me, not that there weren't people who should get it, and put that in.
Tags: health, weather

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