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Ice and Flood

That's the current forecast -- freezing rain, then regular rain, which will melt a lot of snow, so we have a flash flood warning, too.

My arthritis is getting worse, in both hands and feet. Fortunately, I spend a lot more time reading online than writing. Last night, I had to sleep in the recliner with Spirit for three hours after I got offline. Junie was at her again today, so if it keeps up to next week, I'll call the vet.

George Michael died today. He was the sportscaster for the local NBC station for 27 years. He was the best sportscaster I've ever seen -- he was funny, truthful, and made you think. He had a syndicated show called "The George Michael Sports Machine" which I watched when I traveled. When the channel (NBC-owned) required him to fire a lot of his staff, he left, too. I always liked watching him, and I don't even like sports.
Tags: cats, death, health, weather

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