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Free Enterprise

This is from 1999 and even if the rest of it doesn't sound good to you, is worth watching to see Shatner do Julius Caesar in hip-hop near the end.

Two young boys, Mark and Robert, have Captain Kirk/William Shatner as their dream superhero. He can fix everything for them. When the boys grow up, they get into the film business themselves. Neither of them are very satisfied by what they're doing and then they run into Shatner in a bookstore. He tells them he wants to do Julius as a musical with him playing all the parts but Calpurnia. They go through the actresses they think might make a good Calpurnia, but don't really think Shatner should do it.

Both guys want to date/mate, but Mark is too uneasy to really settle down and Robert puts too much into his collection of action figures and his ego to keep women. When Mark turns 30, he dreams about Logan's Run, and Robert throws him a surprise party and that's where Shatner hip-hops with The Rated R and his posse.

This is a great movie about geeks, love, fantasy, and fitting in to real life. I highly recommend it.
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