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The Van Has a Mohawk

The snow on top of the van melted into a triangle that looks like a mohawk (particularly since the snow & van are both white) and the top is about six inches today.

I dropped a DVD by the post office and went to Kaiser to get my H1N1 shot and pick up the 75mcg levothroid that the primary ordered Friday. It turns out that there's a national shortage of levothroid and they're back-ordered on 75mcg, so they gave me 50mcg with 1.5 as many as usual, and a pill cutter. I almost turned it back because I have 50mcg at home -- that's what I've been taking for the last three months -- and getting it from the pharmacy is $3 more than getting it in the mail. On the other hand, getting a new pill cutter is a good thing, so I went ahead and got it there.

The line was very long when I got to the pharmacy and there were only two booths open, so I did what I'd been told to do the last time that happened -- walk up to one of the booths and tell them I can't stand long enough to stand at the end of the line -- and that worked for the pharmacy clerk, but I did get mean looks from the people in line.

Junie just dashed at Spirit and hissed. And things had been working so well.
Tags: cats, errands, health, snow

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