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The Snow is Still White...

... which is unusual even this soon after the snow. Some of our parking lot is snowless, and some people are back to long walks for their dogs. I commented back to a comment earlier this week that when Spirit and I got up after a nap, we saw animal footprints on the porch, and it had come to the sliding glass door to look in. The snow close to the sliding glass door has melted, but it's left sort of donut-shaped snow hills around the footprints.

I found Saturday's paper today -- the snow had melted enough on my side of the stoop (with the help of the melted snow dripping down from the stoop roof) for me to see the end of the yellow bag. It was just off the stoop.

I emailed Kaiser to see if they had the H1N1 vaccine, because I hadn't heard anything, and my doctor's nurse called back and said they had it today and I should come in, but I repeated that I probably can't get out for a week or so. He said to call the day I can come in because some days they have it, some days they don't.

The WashPost has a tech guy who answers questions in a column on Sundays, and yesterday he answered one about how to use an iPhone in the winter. Turns out the screen requires your touch to conduct electricity, so you either don't wear gloves, wear gloves which have tips that can be pulled off, or wear gloves that are made to conduct electricity from your fingers. Since even during the summer my hands are too dry to conduct electricity, it's a good thing I don't want an iPhone.
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