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Early Rising

The only appointment Vision Services had in the next two weeks was 10:10 this morning. So I went to bed at 11:30 and read until 1am. I was up at 9am and managed to get to the clinic and have my sight retested (apparently just a small difference, I hope it actually shows up in the glasses) and drive home without falling asleep. As soon as I was home, I ran the CatGenie, traded my shoes for slippers and napped for four hours in the recliner with various cats.

That meant that I taped the ABC show where they repeated the Milgram experiments (which I'm going to watch in a few minutes), and Jay Leno so I could see Masi Oka from "Heroes." He was very funny and we got to see a bit of the next ep. I ff'd through everything else.

Keith Ellison will be taking his oath of office on Thomas Jefferson's Koran (loaned from the Library of Congress) -- Virgil Goode didn't have a comment.

When I saw my upstairs neighbor today, I told him about Dad going in the nursing home (it was for much the same reason his late wife did) and he talked about his late wife and got teary. I was sorry I told him.
Tags: health, politics

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