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Inside for a Week, I Think

We ended up with 20" of snow by this morning and although the sidewalks and my ramp, curbcut, and zebra stripe were cleared last night, the shovelers this morning didn't do the curbcut and zebra stripe. It's not that big a deal because those are only about 4-5" deep and their snow will melt before the three-foot-high snow drift in front of my van. Some of it is snow from the sky, some is snow from the plow. We're going to stay close to freezing until later in the week, so even the sunshine (particularly when the sun is up so few hours this time of year) won't melt it right away.

Solstice occurs at 12:47ET tomorrow, and then we'll have more sun each day, but I think I'm probably still in for a week.

I don't have anything on my list this week that I need to do, anyway, so as long as I get the mail (and there's a good chance Luke can get it) I'm okay.

The cats have been good, but Spirit is still afraid of Junie. The prozac may not be really working yet and maybe she'll get better. I'm washing sheets, as usual, and will be reading a lot this week because there's almost nothing new on TV.
Tags: cats, holiday, laundry, weather

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