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o/~ The Weather Outside is Blizzardly... o/~

Okay, the blizzard warning is down, but we have 12" of snow so far and are expected to have 1.1" of snow per hour for the next 15 hours. I hope they're wrong. BWI and National airports have closed and Dulles has only one runway open and few flights. The two big malls in Virginia are closing at 4pm so people don't come out in the snow.

The weatherguy told us a couple months ago that this would be a heavier winter storm season than usual (although I don't think he expected this) so I stocked up more than usual and will be fine for about 2.5 months if I have to stay in that long. The big problem with this much snow is that it will be ice tomorrow -- the very cold air will freeze it overnight -- and the stupid people will still drive. The telephone reports from the road managers of the different jurisdictions say they have people in their big SUVs and Hummers interrupting the plow trains and ending up smushed against the railings.

One of my neighbors moved his two SUVs which were in parallel parking spots into back-in spots that someone else opened to get their cars out earlier. That's very rude. My upstairs 88-year-old neighbor called and told me he'd swept our stoop earlier to find my newspaper, but it wasn't there. His daughter got hers as did another friend I talked to on the phone, so probably the paper guys didn't manage to throw it to the stoop and I won't get it for several days. (Yikes, a bus with people on it just slid sideways and fell over on a ramp.)

I kept waking up with the plow last night (although we haven't been plowed since about 8am -- we hire the medium-size trucks with plows attached instead of real plows) so I'm going to nap now.
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