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Dark and Cold

and the weatherguy is now saying 8-16" of snow starting late tonight and into tomorrow and maybe Sunday. I'm pretty sure we're not having bookgroup, but the library doesn't allow events to be cancelled the day before, so we won't know until tomorrow.

I had to pick up the refill of Junie's meds so I went ahead and got the four things that were already on my grocery list for Monday. No snow stuff, but the other people had a lot and were very aggressive with their carts.

I bought a cooked ham on Monday and last night got 24 portions into the freezer and four into the fridge, so I'll be a bit heavy on ham this weekend. I plan to start the bone in my large pot in a few minutes.

The labs I did Wednesday were both too low -- the primary has me increasing the levothroid (after all those decreases during the summer...) but she got the message to me after the pharmacy shut, so I'll just keep using the current amount until I can get to the pharmacy. In three months, another test. My Vitamin D was one point above the bottom of the range, but the nephrologist may not have seen it yet. She'll probably either increase the dose or the timing of the dose.

I have an older neighbor who I only talk to online since I can't go up her stairs and she doesn't come out often. Her 26" TV died and she's using a smaller one, but didn't know what to do with the dead TV. I've taken stuff to hazmat before, so we're planning for another neighbor to put the TV in the back of my van a few days before the February hazmat day (no January day) at the transfer station and I can take it there. They have guys who will take stuff out of cars for you, plus an electronics recycling company to take it off.

I'm reading a book where part of it is althist -- WWII never happened and Hitler is in jail in France, but the French president is not only very bigoted, but allows black-clad jack-booted young men to kill minority young men without even a harsh word. In real life, police chief Matthew Nestor of Shenandoah PA covered up evidence that two young men beat and killed an illegal immigrant from Mexico. After this was discovered, there was more investigation and most of the force has been acting in a bigoted pattern with other people.
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