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Still Quiet on the Cat Front

So far, no yelling, growling, or swatting. I hope that continues.

The police officer I mentioned who assisted with a robbery-turned-murder has also been found to have been involved in planning the crime and driving some of the other criminals to the place. What the heck was he thinking?

I kept forgetting to put up the Latino series: Left Behind - A Generation of Latinos Struggling to Succeed.

DC is paying another giant amount of money to protestors who were arrested without warning to stop what they were doing.

In the county north and west of me, Loudoun, two white firefighters put a noose in the car of a black firefighter. This was bad enough, but one of the other (white) firefighters says he was sure it was just a joke. The fact that he thinks people would believe it was a joke shows how bigoted he is.

And last for today, yesterday's Sally Forth was a bit stfnal.
Tags: bigotry, cats, comic, immigrants, protestors

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