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Awake Every Hour

Really. All night long. It was because I hurt and even though I took pain meds as soon as I could, it didn't really help. I just took some more and may nap in a bit.

I took the recycling out, dropped a misdelivered letter at the post office, and got labs done. I decided to eat at Red Lobster and had the lobster pizza. That's my protein for the day.

The kitties are still being nice to each other -- Junie was using the litterbox next to Spirit's end table and Spirit leaned over and smelled her. When Junie was done, they touched noses to say Hi.

Last night, a DC police officer was arrested for felony murder. The officer was essentially acting as a lookout to a armed carjacking while in his police cruiser. People wondered why a police car would leave the place of a shooting.

Prisoners play a lot of cards and many now have decks of victims and suspects. No DC cases have been solved, but 20 in the US have been.
Tags: cats, errands, food, health, pain, police

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