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Spirit has been staying out here the last two nights (she wouldn't sit on me at all Friday) and has used the litterbox, but only when none of the rest of us are out here. As of last night, she got off my lap and went out ranging to see if the others were in the living room or down the hall. But while I was skimming the front pages of the sections of the paper today, with Spirit in my lap, Loki jumped down from the castle to the recliner arm and started to bite and then smack her. I assisted him off the arm; she hissed and went back to the lower shelf on the end table. I don't know why he did that.

I'm washing sheets and putting on the new ones of course.

A couple of interesting things about how our very rich country spends its money:

1. In Philadelphia, studies show that one in five homes doesn't have enough food for a baby or toddler and one of every dozen young kids are outright hungry. They have also found that when kids are hungry, they are more likely to get sick and be hospitalized.

2. Among D.C. residents known to have HIV/AIDS, one in four lives in wards 7 and 8. But since 2004, the city gave just 6 percent of $100 million in AIDS funding to nonprofit groups east of the river. What's special about wards 7 and 8? Most of the poor and black people in DC live there.
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