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Maybe Not

Junie took her pocketed pills last night and today, so maybe I just didn't get yesterday morning's pill into the pocket well enough. I found the pill with a thin glaze of pocket on the floor.

Last night Junie was on the recliner arm, grabbing for the thread I was using, and Spirit came up to my lap from under the end table, pushing her nose closer to say Hi. Junie smacked her and hissed so I smacked Junie and assisted her off the chair. Today, Spirit leaned forward to say Hi to Loki, so maybe the Prozac is working, although it's awfully soon.

I see other people have posted about what happened to Peter Watts when he re-entered Canada from the US, but we all have different flists, so I'll post, too.

The WashPost has set up a "story lab" where readers can help with stories. Yesterday they printed the first story from the lab and it appears that almost all the research was actually anecdotes from readers. I hope they tell us which stories are collected anecdotes.

Also in the WashPost's Local Living tabloid on Thursday is a list of the next week's book clubs. For this coming week, the African American (how come they don't have a hyphen and the Science-Fiction does?) is discussing "Blair Underwood Presents: In the Night of the Heat," by Blair Underwood, Tananarive Due and Steven Barnes. So he gets to present but have SFF authors help him write. I wonder if there's anything stfnal in the book.
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