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Pills in Pockets

Junie seems to have figured this out. I'll try again tonight, but I may have to go back to hazarding blood to get the pills in. kaffy_r suggested something in a previous comment that may help.

Spirit has been out from under the end table today, but I just put her share of the dry food on the other end table lower shelf, and she's ignoring it. I wonder if she's a little over-prozaced. My levothroid refill came today and it was only a month's refill because there's a nationwide shortage of levothroid.

I've become somewhat friends with the woman who made the pants-that-fit and she dropped by today to talk a bit -- Loki and Junie both ended up going to her to be petted, and Spirit came out from behind the recliner to sit on the folded towel. They must be used to her.
Tags: cats

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