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The Inadvertent Nap

Last night I got Spirit into the guest bathroom by putting my beading aside and holding her to me with my left hand and pushing up with the right. She didn't yell as much last night as before, but I still felt mean. She wouldn't sit in my lap at all today.

I took trash and recycling out, dropped a DVD at the post office (I'm watching a TV series, two more eps and I'll talk about it), dropped off six different sets of scarves, hats, and mittens at the charity (using up the extra yarn from this year), and then had lunch at Uno's with a coupon. I couldn't get my coat back on afterwards and just came home without -- I had a sweater on over a turtleneck and the van was warm -- but this is the third time this has happened.

When I got home and brought in yesterday's mail, I just collapsed in the recliner and accidently napped for 90 minutes, without Spirit. Our current mailperson brings mail about 5:30pm which is annoying enough in the summer -- having to go back out to get it -- but really unpleasant in the winter. All the other mailpeople we've had have come at about 3pm, so I could just pick mail up on my way in. I've decided to pick mail up on the way in, just the previous day's mail.
Tags: cats, errands, mail, nap

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