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The local NBC station just said "Breaking News! Tom Brokaw has been in a deadly crash!" And it turns out he's not dead, it's someone in another car.

Now that the WashPost has many fewer copyeditors, the reporters look like illiterates. However, in this article about a man who makes sculptures that fit into the eye of a needle (spiffy pictures), I think it's a braino: "He is wearing a black suit, lavender shirt opened at the color."

I saw an ad on TV last night where some TV company was sponsoring "Avatar: The Movie" and the end of the Avator ad was "Avatar: only in theatres!" I'm sure it'll be out on DVD or On Demand soon enough, but it is a bit weird to say it won't be on the sponsor's product.

I took a DVD to the post office today and noticed that the anti-abortion protesters were missing both times I'd been to the post office this week. They're usually there through the winter. We are scheduled to have snow tomorrow, ice on streets by midnight, and thawing by midday Sunday. Good thing I don't have to go anywhere.

Loki has fur growing where he made raw skin by pulling off the last giant mat. He lets me pet him there now. There haven't been any problems for a few days and I hope that continues.
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