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Better Today, and Blue Skies

Yes, blue skies with a few clouds and 63F in the early afternoon. Now, we're scheduled for snow on Saturday, which is December 5th. The local NBC weatherguy said last night that the first inch of snow was on December 5ths of 2005 and 2007. A pattern?

I don't hurt as much today, which is good. Junie spent a lot of time down on the pillow part of the pillow-back loveseat last night -- out here with Spirit -- and there wasn't any problem. I hope that continues. They're all asleep right now and I'm tempted to join them.

The WashPost gossip section had an interesting bit about a poster promoting the public option and the young woman who designed it.

Yesterday's WashPost also had an interesting article on how the fight for gay rights changes in generations from civil rights. In general, people who fought for civil rights don't think gay rights are appropriate. However, their children do. I wonder what comes up for the grandchildren.
Tags: cats, politics, weather

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