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I actually watched this Monday night and forgot to post about it. It's another subtitled movie, but in Spanish this time, and it's a very taut thriller that takes place over only two days.

It takes place in Ecuador where the police find a mass grave of missing children who have been raped and killed. A sensationalist TV show, The Hour of Truth, has a team down there -- the reporter (John Leguizamo), his producer, and his cameraman. As they're working on the story, a man who is just returning home accidently runs over the son of a family whose other son was in the mass grave, killed by "The Monster." The father of the son tries to kill the man who run over his son and they both end up in jail.

The reporter wants to interview them and get more of a story, maybe he can even get his own show, and we see how he starts to believe that the man with the car has been mistreated by the police and people of the village. They make a story and send it off to the channel, where it's aired. But then they get some information that makes them doubt what they wrote and worry about whether they can tell people about it or not.

This was very interesting and I really recommend it.
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