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The Day of Rain and Pain

After I signed off last night, Spirit and I napped for almost four hours in the recliner (she made me let her out once so she could eat and drink) and then I read the paper and watched the tape of the news.

I went to read in bed and I was there only about 10 minutes when I could hear hissing, growling, and furniture moving in the living room. I came out as fast as I could and it looked to me like Spirit was upset at Junie for covering up in her litterbox. I'm not sure. Spirit is still fine with eating wet food with Junie & Loki as long as she's under the end table, and also eating snackies out on the living room floor with Loki and sometimes Junie. She's scared, though, when Junie comes near the recliner or end table otherwise.

I woke up several times at night with my neck hurting and a headache and I couldn't take even plain tylenol for the first few times and after that, I was stupid and just moved around instead of getting up and taking pills. I took them with my morning pills and by an hour later, the headache & neckache were gone.

I gave in to asking PetSmart to help me and called them. I asked them to bring the cat food bag up to the front and I'd come in and pay and they could put it in the back of the van, which is what we did. When I got home, I sat in the back and put it in the collapsible rolling crate and brought it in. Junie started trying to get into it about 30 minutes ago -- maybe two hours after I brought it in -- so I poured out the last bit from the last bag into their dishes and filled the big container.

It's raining a lot today and all my arthritis is hurting, particularly the top joint of my left forefinger. I'm typing without it. We may have snow in the next few days, too.
Tags: cats, pain, weather

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