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DC Council Votes for Same Sex Marriage

The religious people are vowing to take it to Congress (since that can happen with DC laws), but the general opinion is that Congress won't interfere. Particularly because most of the agitating leaders don't even live in DC.

Today is the 54th anniversary of the day Rosa Parks sat in the front of the bus. Other folks did civil resistance earlier, but hers is one of the best known.

Sally Jenkins is a Sports Columnist for the WashPost and I normally don't read her columns (and it's not because she's a creationist and believes blacks are a lesser kind of human -- yes, she wrote that in the paper and had to apologize) but today's is a nice satirical version of Tiger Woods' statements.

I went to get labs today and was going to then go to PetSmart and get dry food for the kitties, but I'm not walking well enough today. I'll try tomorrow, although I already have trash & recycling scheduled, but Thursday & Friday are free and I can slide that.
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