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Moving Sideways

Yesterday I looked up from the computer and saw Junie with her back up, close to Spirit, who hissed and growled at her, and Junie did so back. No smacking or biting, which is good, but I'd hoped for better after the day before. Spirit had been trying to get into the back of the recliner, which is not a good thing, and I thought maybe the end tables and laminate were just too hard. I folded a towel and put it on the bottom shelf of one of the end tables and she immediately curled up on it, covered her nose with her tail, and went to sleep.

I took the schedule 2 meds at 6pm, so I could take them at 2am when I went to bed, but they made me sleepy about 8:30pm. I set the VCRs to watch things and settled into the recliner with the duvet and pillow. Spirit came and spread out under the duvet on my stomach and 20 minutes later, Junie came and slept on top, down by my knees. I went to sleep and they were both still in place a bit before midnight when I woke up. I convinced Spirit we were getting up and she was on the arm of the recliner when she realized Junie was there and she went under the end table. Junie still hasn't gotten the hang of "Time to get up!" and I had to gently let the recliner down.

I got my yarn and started working on something and Junie came to sit in my lap. Spirit came up once, but was scared and went back down to the towel.

My right side still hurts a lot, enough that I didn't get the mail because I don't think I can get into the van right now. Maybe I'll get the mail tomorrow.
Tags: cats, pain

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