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Windy Day

The van was rocking on surface streets so I'm happy I didn't have to go on raised streets.

After I got offline yesterday, I had my turkey dinner in the recliner, fending off the cats. I was really sleepy by then so I went to bed at 3pm planning to read a bit and then sleep until 10pm. That way I could be up a while and go to bed at the normal time. I didn't manage to read very long, but I did get up at 10pm. I ate the rest of the mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy in a bowl last night while I watched An American in Paris.

The alarm was set for noon today but it took 18 minutes for me to wake up because I had my left ear up. Today I took the DVD to the post office, used the last value on the Petco gift card to get more pill pockets (thanks, Doris!), and had dinner at a new restaurant called Gunni's. It's a nice Italian restaurant and would be good for bookgroup except the tables are all round. We may be able to manage that anyway, but generally, we like a single long table.

On my way out, I picked up Wednesday's mail, hoping my private disability check was there, but it wasn't. Soon after I got home from my errands and lunch, the mailman came by. I got Luke's key and went to get our mail. He had only one piece of junk mail; I had that piece and more, plus my check. I came back and gave him his keys and mail and told him I was getting my wallet from the condo and going to deposit my check and pay bills. He said "Oh good." When I got back, he was at his door "Where did you go? I was worried." So I explained about the check again and he remembered then. I think it's time to talk to his daughter.
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