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Still Awake

I finished online last night at 7pm and was very sleepy so I went to bed and set the alarm for 8:45pm because there were three things I wanted to watch at 9pm and I only have two recording devices. I watched Criminal Minds* and CSI:NY live while I crocheted. Then after the news (where I learned that locals who weren't invited got into the White House for the State Dinner), I watched the tapes of Glee** and Modern Family. I haven't been asleep since. I've tried a lot of things -- spent time in bed, took pain meds an hour early, etc. -- but I'm still awake. I think I'll see how long I can stay awake at this point.

*This is supposedly set at Quantico and last night one of the characters pronounced Bowie as BOH ee when it's really BOO ee.

**The WashPost reports that a poll had only 9% of the 968 voters who thought Artie in Glee should be played by an actor who really uses a wheelchair. What I'd like to know is which of the voters were abled-bodied.

Junie came and sat on my lap for about 90 minutes last night, first time she's been in my lap for more than a minute or so, and for the last 30 minutes, Spirit sat on my thigh. Spirit pushed her paws down on Junie, which was okay, but when Junie started to sniff Spirit's butt, Spirit hissed, Junie smacked, and I said "Stop that! Get off!" I only got one new claw hole. I think the buspar may be working for Junie.

This morning and the last two, when I've been in too much pain to stand in the kitchen and cajole Spirit in, I've put the wet food dish halfway under an end table. Spirit has eaten right next to Junie (and Loki), but she's under the table. Today, when Junie was out for snackies at the same time as Spirit and Loki, they actually got to a point where their whiskers touched and there was no outcry. Spirit did turn and go back under the end table. And today Spirit has come out to play with Mr. Gator briefly, and has been trying to get her nerve up to come out and go somewhere else, but I can't figure out where.
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