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No Pill-Pockets

At the grocery today, I looked carefully for cat pill pockets and didn't find any. I'll have to see if I can go to PetSmart on the way home from the ENT tomorrow. I did run into an older guy who was standing and standing in front of the wet cat food, which I needed, and he finally looked at me and asked if I wanted something and I said I did. It turned out that his cat hadn't had any of these brands before and I explained why I was buying the house brand of fish food (highest protein). He'd also been trying to add and multiply to figure out which products were cheaper and I pointed out the unit price (which is on orange color at this store) and he hadn't realized that was what that number was.

I got two boxes of kitty litter, which may explain why my left arm hurts like crazy when I move it. Then again, almost all my joints hurt when I move them. It is getting colder and wetter, but not a lot.

I've washed cat blankies and may nap and let the VCR/DVD watch TV.
Tags: cats, pain

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